Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Hole in my Heart

Your dreams once lightened my day
I was happier that way,
Never had i trusted someone so much
And so it was I who had to pay.

You showed me the way to love unpaired
since minor fractures can always be repaired
I smiled.
I was glad
Afterall, with me, you were there again.

And today u had put my existence on stake
This thud so loud, I could not take
you owned me, you had the right to say
But not so often honey, somewhere it aches

From silky blues to serrated grey
I look happy,
with my smile i often fake
but deep in my heart, it still aches.

Yes, I was your mud,
Ur house or ur path, you had your choice
The traces of your feet shall remain with me
as you walk by, I set you free.

U did bend once, in ur palm, once i was charmed
But stronger than ur hold, the winds were armed.
Now for stains that u complain,
I know why it rains.

I wish someone finds u on ur way
so pure she must be to wash those stains
that u could fly again on her silky hues
and knit more dreams under this sky so blue.

I am crippled, i still feel the pain,
don't worry for i shall stand again
Someday someone might need to stay
in this house that you once disdain.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a different sky...

Another day in a different sky
where people laugh and people cry
where color n beauty is all around
but somehow u miss ur own ground
a ground where once, u were a queen
when u danced to celebrate ur teen.

That very place.. your feet first felt
heaven must have been the day when u learnt to step!
where mum had sung rhymes with you
with her you felt that morning dew!!
when next to you she always sat
For little things u do, daddy would pat.

when all these thoughts gushes over ur mind
when memories hit hard and makes u blind
U hear urself saying yet again....
Its Jus another day in a different sky
where people laugh and people cry !!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Its Valentine's day folks...

My dil goes Hmmm......

A day so bright and a warmer night
You by me is all i could sight.
A big wide smile, a tear at times,
A flow so strong to waft my sprite.
An overdose of happiness & a loving gaze,
Accrue to the cause of setting me ablaze.

I shine like a spark, I sing through the day
At times i fear, I might just die away.
Much much more & even more
I feel is the felicity, kept in store.
I want to scream so that the world may know
that here he chips in through the clouds of snow.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hey Prophet,this one goes out for u.
the lines by Metallica that u quoted in one of ur comments prompted me to write a poem.Here I consider the emotions of the boy of the sequence...sometimes things r not just the same!!

Today is the day i lost all
she said nothing but still said all
Her boggy eyez spoke aloud
that I was the one
Yes I was the one, who broke her heart.

A last together.. our last meeting..
some broken lines, my words still with me.
All were quiet, everything died
In the growing silence of that dead old ship.

A deluge broke upon my head
I saw her leaving, her eyez still red.
Her words still rumbling in me
I wish all that was a horrible dream.

Her black matted beautiful hair
I wanted to brush them off her face
move my hand & wipe her tears
touch her flannel n embrace her fear.

But I did nothing,I stood dead still
Coz i was ashamed of what i did
with these very smudgy hands that i have
I strangled our love till it was dead

I dug a pit for my own fall
n i'll lay here as i get my final call.
here i'll be lulled to sleep
Maybe only then i cud fall asleep.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Does Time Heal All ??

They say time heals all
a wound on skin or the hurt of heart
Time is said to heal all
Am waiting for that time
when ur memories will fade away
And my life will find a new way.

Its not that I am sad
But am not happy even
I talk to people, laugh with them
But still waiting for that time
When no longer I would feel u near
And the mirage would finally dissapear.

Its not that am dying without u
My life can proceed that way
but u'll alwayz remain a missing piece
a piece i lost walking through a long day..
Still waiting for that time
When no longer i would long for that part
And my life would get a new head-start.

A painful transition has been all my way
the starz in my eyez r now my tears
and seeing u ever again is now my biggest fear
Am waiting for that time
When the tears will get dried
& a new day will bring a true smile.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A sooty raindrop trickled down my pane,
In a way it was a semblance of my lane
A broken, rough, zig-zag lane,
getting narrower day by day.

Here I am left all alone
with a pen,paper n everlasting pain.
Its coz i lost something down the lane
A missing part that i'll never attain.

Am i just a nobody for you??
Or have i lost the place once I owned ?
Whatever it is, now I can't even complain,
U r not with me to share my pain.

I can't even get u away from my thought
U r intact deep inside my heart.
Sad n broken I cried to God
Why is it me who's always put to test?
then i realised that a blend of sugar n spice,
Is actually what we call Life!!